Blending 3rd and 4th Generation Industrial Technologies


A Philosophy of Direction

Incorporating principles of Excellence in Digital Information Technology solutions & services, our vision is to drive ingenuity and empower businesses in the Energy, Healthcare and Transportation industries with Intelligence based business decision making.

Partnering with pioneers in 4th generation Industrial revolution technologies, we aim to enable subject experts to leverage operational excellence in everyday decision making, redefine boundaries of organizational and customer facing KPIs.

Meet the Team

Shaikh Badruddin

Founder & CEO


Kayomarz Bardoliwalla

COO Digital Transformation Strategist



Business &
Data Intelligence

Combining business analytics, data mining, data visualization, data tools and infrastructure, and best practices to help organizations to make more intelligence-based data-driven decisions..


Digital Accessibility

Making websites, mobile apps and other digital tools and technologies accessible to everyone. Manha works with organizations to enable their digital content available to all users, to access the same information, regardless of the impairments they may have..


Digital Products

We help traditional businesses looking at how they can improve customer experience, grow new revenue streams and improve efficiency by strategizing, building and deploying digital products on the cutting edge of technology..


Professional Consultancy
Services & Knowledge Building

By driving intelligence in creating new cognitive artifacts as a result of common goals, group discussions, and synthesis of ideas, we help organizations build historical and current data streams into knowledge repositories, undertake skill upgrades within the employee pool and develop HR policies to enable continuous learning towards excellence..


MANHA’s unique approach to each of it’s client’s needs is based on its long established and proven expertise, in various Energy, Healthcare and Logistics industries. Our Intelligence based solutions are uniquely crafted to help enhance workplace safety, operational efficiencies, and process technologies.

  • 01
    Accelerating Enterprise Profitability

    Turning Human expertise and data into effective ingenuity based intelligent decision making.

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  • 02
    Competency Development

    Building skills through coaching and mentoring by an experienced team of trainers who leverage their energy and process industry experience to ensure highest quality of competency assessment and personnel development.

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  • 03
    Leadership & Management

    Facilitate efforts to support leadership in creating a shared vision, establishing a compelling reason for change, developing operating philosophy, a strategic improvement plan and communicating the business direction to the employees.

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  • 04
    All Things Data

    Access, transform, qualify, audit, and connect your data, letting you deliver relevant and timely information to all critical business functions.

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  • 05
    Operational Excellence

    Helping companies design and implement operational excellence through a holistic and systematic approach to continuously improve operations using technical solution & services tools and methodologies.

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  • 06
    Intelligence Aided Strategic Planning (IASP)

    Moving away from historical data interpretation (Dashboard) based decision making to IASP. Creating intelligent value through intelligently informed solutions. Making daily operational data relevant by using data mining as a tool of strategic planning.

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